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Medical Aesthetics Program

This program is designed to teach students how to perform all modern medical aesthetic treatments on the market. Students, future medical aesthetics technicians, or clinic owners will acquire outstanding skills through our comprehensive program.

Advanced Medical Aesthetics Program

This program is designed for professionals practicing in the field of medical aesthetics, you must have already worked in the field to take the training or be a graduate of our medical aesthetics program.

Botox and Fillers Course

You will learn how to inject botox and fillers safely and harmoniously. You will receive a complete training, both theoretical and practical. You will be able to practice injections with confidence and offer an impeccable service to your clients.

Needle-free Jet Injection Course

Discover this new training course about needle-free jet injectors. A new technology in the medical aesthetics industy. You can apply now if you have graduated from the "Medical Aesthetics Program".

Customized Courses

Push the boundaries of your knowledge more further with customized courses. Feel free to contact us to know more about this.
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Our school can help you finance your registration fees for one of our online courses. All you have to do is apply online now. The financing plans that will be offered to you are flexible so that there are no barriers for your education. Develop your career now.


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Business assistance grant for the training of its employees.

Labor is getting harder and harder to find these days. So why not focus on the talents that are already working in your company. The government offers various business assistance grants, including some for training your employees across Canada. An excellent way to improve your team by specializing your workforce thanks to our training in medical aesthetics.

Medical Aesthetics School

Medical Aesthetics School

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Medical Aesthetics School

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