Botox and
Filler Course

6 weeks of theory - 100% Online - 2 days of practice in person

Introduction on Botox and fillers course

You will learn how to inject botox and fillers safely and harmoniously. You will receive a complete training, both theoretical and practical. You will be able to practice injections with confidence and offer an impeccable service to your clients.

Who is this specialized training for ?

This training is intended for health professionals such as doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants.

What are the professional opportunities with this course about injections ?

Opportunities open up in Medical Aesthetic clinics that offer injection treatments or you can start your own business under the supervision of a physician.

List of units :

Discover the complete list of modules that will be covered in this training course designed on botox and fillers injections in Canada below:

Advanced review of face and neck anatomy and introduction to botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

This complete module covers the basics of the scientific terms related to botulinum toxin commonly known as Botox.

You will study the effects of Botox on the skin and the different points on the face that can be injected. You will be trained on the clinical procedures of neuromodulators and you will master the didactic knowledge for the mid-face, lower face and neck areas.

You will become familiar with all types of fillers, the types of molecules, how to inject and the quantities to inject depending on the area of the face.

Description of this module to come.

Description of this module to come.

Description of this module to come.

neuromodulator injection

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