Needle-Free Cosmetic Injector Course

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Needle-free Jet Injectors training course

This new program is designed to allow students to perform advanced skin treatments using pneumatic injections. You will learn about advanced skin conditions, innovative medical aesthetic devices, assisted injection techniques and solution preparation.

Who is this specialized training for ?

To take the needle-free pneumatic injection course, you must have a degree in medical aesthetics or have solid experience in the medical aesthetic industry.

What are the professional opportunities with this course about needle-free jet injections ?

As a result of this training course, students will have outstanding skills and expertise at a medical level with the most advanced technologies in the medical asthetic industry.

List of units :

Discover the complete list of modules that will be covered in this training course designed on needle-free jet injectors in Canada below:

In this module, you will learn about advanced skin conditions such as acne scars, keloïds, hypertrophy, stretch marks and wrinkles.

In this module, you will learn about the innovations of medical aesthetic devices, such as the synergistic approach and explanations of the technologies and how they work. You will also see the skin conditions that can be treated with the technology and the results of these.

In this module, you will learn about energy technologies. You’ll see the differences between existing energy-based technologies, the downtimes between technologies and JVR technology, and bottom-line efficiencies between other technologies and JVR. You will become familiar with the scientific language used with new technologies.

You will learn all the techniques related to pneumatic jet injections by ensuring the steps, hygiene and safety measures to respect.

You’ll learn the preparation of solutions and the techniques to administer the care in a smooth and safe way.

In this module, you will learn all the business strategies to go into business with the most revolutionary new technology on the market.

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