Dilated pores

When your pores are clogged

What are dilated pores ?

Tiny openings in the skin that allow sweat, sebum and dead skin cells to escape, pores allow the skin to “breathe”. When they are blocked, the pores dilate and become more visible.

dilated pores skin conditions

What are dilated pores causes ?

Check out the most common dilated pores causes below :

Use of inappropriate topical products

When products are applied to the skin but do not correspond to its needs, it has difficulty balancing and breathing! This is the case, for example, with a moisturizing cream that is too oily for the skin type, which increases sebum production.

Poor lifestyle habits

External health starts from the inside. The effects of a sedentary and stressful lifestyle for both body and mind, such as a diet that is too rich in fats or the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, become visible when skin loses its tone and the skin texture becomes more apparent.

Skin aging

Over time, the skin produces less collagen and skin cells regenerate less quickly. Also, the structure of the skin changes and the pores become more apparent.

Are there any treatments to reduce the appearance of dilated pores (large pores)?

While a healthy lifestyle will definitely help, it turns out that large pores are part of life. This is why certain techniques and technologies will help to reduce its expansion. Here are the most commun treatments to dilated pores :

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