Dull skin / dull complexion

The causes of dull complexion (dull skin) and its possible treatments

What distinguishes a dull compledion (dull skin) ?

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A dull complexion is characterized by its grayish color, even olive on matte skin. It gives the skin a lack of homogeneity and reflects the light less well. This lack of radiance tends to make the face appear tired and aged.

dull complexion

What can be the causes of a dull and tired complexion skin ?

Check out the most common below :

Blood circulation

The microcirculation of blood is an essential process for the life of the skin. It allows the cells to receive all the nutrients essential to their proper functioning, in addition to oxygenating them and freeing them from the body’s waste products. Fatigue, stress, pollution and smoking are some of the factors that contribute to altering blood circulation, thereby causing skin cells to deteriorate. As a result, the complexion becomes uneven, dull and gray.

Dead skin

A dull complexion can also be due to an accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface, which prevent proper reflection of light, healthy oxygenation of the skin and adequate penetration of cosmeceuticals – preventing them from doing their job properly.


The complexion owes its color to the presence of pigments called melanin. Mainly due to the aggressions of the sun, melanin accumulates too abundantly on the surface of the skin. Spots and other irregularities then appear and the complexion is blurred.

Is it possible to improve my dull complexion skin with treatments ?

Various techniques on the market can help you to improve the appearance of your dull and tired complexion skin. These types of treatments are offered in specialized clinics.

However, if you want to learn how to master those techniques, you can follow our training courses right now in one of our schools across Canada.

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