Hair loss

A universal fear among women and men

What is alopecia, better known as hair loss ?

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. Baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is its most frequent form. Men are much more affected than women.

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What can promote hair loss ?

There are several things that can cause hair loss. Check out the most common of them below :

High stress

This may also play a role in the intensity or onset of hair loss. Excessive exposure to UV rays, the side effects of certain medications or hormonal changes are other causes associated with alopecia.


Men who have a family member with baldness are more likely to be affected in turn. Certain genes are involved in the transmission of alopecia.

Iron deficiency

Caused by heavy periods or multiple pregnancies can cause alopecia. This is also the case with certain diseases that cause an excessive secretion of male hormones.

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Are there any treatments for hair loss ?

Certainly, lifestyle habits can help reducing hair loss and thus promote regrowth. However, there are diffirent treatments that can help. One of the best is known as PRP (Platelets rich in plasma).

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