The appearance of spots on the skin

What is melasma ?

Melasma is a skin hyperpigmentation resulting in the appearance of dark spots on areas exposed to the sun, usually on the face.

melasma skin conditions

What can cause melasma to appear on our skin ?

There are several things that can cause melasma to appear on your skin. Check out the most common below :


A few family cases suggest a possible hereditary cause. Research is ongoing to better understand the origin of melasma.

Sun exposure

Excessive exposure to the sun can develop melasma, so it is best to control our sun exposure and to protect our skin from the sun.


During pregnancy or after repeated overexposure to the sun, some women and men may develop melasma. This is the appearance of brown spots on the epidermis of the face. It is better to talk about a pregnancy mask when melasma appears when a woman is pregnant.

Hormonal treatment

Taking certain medications such as birth control or estrogen hormones can cause melasma.

Are there any treatments for melasma ?

Do the spots on your skin annoy you ? If so, know that there are treatments for it. Here are the most popular treatments :

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