Dark spots & pigment stain

Brown, red, black ... there are all types of dark spots

Why do I have dark spots on my skin ?

They can be of different shapes and colors

There are different types of spots, which can appear in different shapes and colors all over the body. Some are congenital in nature, present since birth, and others appear over time due to various factors.

Most spots are the result of hyperpigmentation of the skin that occurs when the body’s melanocytes produce excessive amounts of melanin – the brown pigment that colors the skin. This excessive production of melanin, which then accumulates in certain localized areas, results in small spots on the surface of the skin that contrast with the surrounding lighter skin color.

Other spots are related to vascular malformation caused by abnormal dilation of the blood vessels. While this phenomenon occurs more often due to skin aging, it can also be accentuated by prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun.

dark spot skin conditions - pigmented stain

Caution – Watch your pigmented stain carefully

It is advisable to monitor the evolution of these types of spots. If they change in size, shape, color or if they bleed, it is important to consult a specialized doctor without delay.

Can we treat dark spots or pigmented stain on the skin ?

To treat certain types of spots present on the skin, there are several techniques. Here are the most common ones for performing this kind of skin treatment.

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