Wrinkles & Fine lines

These little lines of wisdom and character

What is a wrinkle or fine lines ?

These little lines that demonstrate your wisdom and give you character !

Wrinkles are folds that appear in the skin as it ages and loses its natural collagen. They first appear as fine lines, which are smaller, and become wrinkles when their depth reaches 1 millimeter. They affect everyone, men and women alike, and can appear as early as their twenties.

wrinkles and fine lines

What can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear on our skin ?

There are several things that can cause wrinkles to appear on your skin. Check out the most common below :


Collagen and elastin are proteins present in the body that ensure the skin’s firmness, flexibility, cohesion, elasticity and hydration. From the age of 25, the natural production of these proteins slows down little by little. The surface of the skin becomes thinner, looser and less and less able to regain its shape after stretching. This weakening favors the appearance of fine lines, which later turn into wrinkles.


Certain factors at birth can put one at an advantage or disadvantage with respect to the appearance of wrinkles. People with darker skin, for example, are less affected because of their high level of melanin, which protects them from ultraviolet rays. The thickness of the skin is also an important point: the thicker the skin, the less it will be affected by the thinning caused by aging.


The conditions to which the skin is exposed have a great influence on the formation of wrinkles over time. A lack of hydration, as well as repeated unprotected sun exposure, can have devastating effects on premature skin aging. Smoking, lack of sleep and a diet low in antioxidants and essential fatty acids have also been shown to greatly accelerate the formation of fine lines.

Facial expressions

As the name implies, expression lines are primarily caused by repeated facial movements each day, such as smiling and squinting. As the skin ages, the resulting temporary folds fade less and less until they become permanent.

Are there treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles ?

Although the effects of aging are impossible to stop, there are ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If some of your wrinkles irritate you a little too much when you look at yourself in the mirror … here are the most popular techniques to reduce their appearance.

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