Fractional laser

The laser that improves the appearance of the skin

What fractional laser does to your skin ?

Fractional laser resurfacing has been a staple in aesthetic medicine for nearly 20 years to improve various skin problems related to texture, spots and fine lines. The principle is as follows: create micro ablation zones in the skin, i.e. multiple microscopic perforations in the dermis, while leaving the surrounding skin areas intact in order to initiate the skin’s natural healing process.

fractional laser, intense pulsed light - IPL

Who can be treat by fractional laser techniques?

For both men and women, the face is undoubtedly the most popular area for fractional laser treatment. After all, it is the most exposed part of the body and most prone to pigment and texture irregularities. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should postpone this type of treatment. Certain treatments for severe acne – received within the last 6 months – may also be a contraindication.

Which kind of conditions can factional laser treat ?

Treatments can also be performed on various areas of the body. Non-ablative lasers are ideal for the treatment of stretch marks on the stomach and thighs, pigment spots on the hands, as well as sagging low-cut.

Treat your skin with precision thanks to reliable technology : Fractional laser

With great precision and reliability, each laser point eliminates old or damaged skin cells and leaves the skin fresh and shiny, with acne scars, stretch marks, pigment spots and freckles removed.

There are two categories of fractional lasers whose delivered energy varies in terms of power (calculated in joules), wavelength (calculated in nanometers) and heating time (calculated in milliseconds). This “adaptability” is therefore a clear advantage; the parameters can be modulated according to the extent of the skin damage to be treated and the patient’s skin type.

fractional laser, intense pulsed light - IPL
fractional laser, intense pulsed light - IPL training course

What are you waiting for to become a fractional laser expert ?

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