Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Treat your acne problems with pulsed light

What is intense pulsed light (IPL) and what it does ?

IPL can deal with acne problems

The Intense Pulsed Light platform can treat the visible signs of acne in just a few sessions. As an alternative to oral antibiotics, which often have serious side effects, pulsed light, on a specific wavelength, provides a safe and proven therapeutic action in the treatment of mild, hormonal to severe acne.

fractional laser, intense pulsed light - IPL

Who can benefit from pulsed light technology as a treatment?

For both men and women, the face is undoubtedly the most popular area for fractional laser treatment. After all, it is the most exposed part of the body and most prone to pigment and texture irregularities. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should postpone this type of treatment. Certain treatments for severe acne – received within the last 6 months – may also be a contraindication.

These persons should avoid intense pulsed light treatment?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this type of treatment, as well as anyone who has had an Accutane treatment within the last six months. Discontinuation of photo-sensitizing antibiotics is also required on the advice of the pharmacist.

fractional laser, intense pulsed light - IPL

What are the advantages of intense pulsed light (IPL)?

Pulsed light has the advantage of being able to reach different depths under the epidermis and can therefore be used for different purposes depending on the conditions being treated (hair removal, acne, rosacea, pigment spots). It is therefore a filter inserted in the platform’s universal applicator that will influence the wavelength with which the light will reach the different layers of skin and deliver its therapeutic effect.

Thus, for an effective treatment of acne, three filters are used and associated with a precise wavelength of 420 nanometers (blue light), 560 nanometers (yellow light) and 590 nanometers (red light). Each of them has a distinctive property, respectively the destruction of the Proprionibacterium acnes bacteria, the appeasement of the inflammation caused by this bacteria and the resorption of nodules.

Master the intense pulsed ligth (IPL) as a professional esthetician quickly and simply.

Nothing could be more simpler. Our medical aesthetic schools offers various training courses to allow established professionals to perfect their knowledge. Apply to our training formation to be able to master the intense pulsed light (IPL) techniques and lastest technologies. You can register now in one of our schools across Canada.

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