What is vascular laser ?

The lasers used primarily use light as a concentrated energy source to treat various skin conditions.

Each laser is characterized by a wavelength that ranges from ultraviolet to infrared; each wavelength has a specific target.

vascular laser technology

All about vascular laser treatment

The energy of vascular lasers is well absorbed by hemoglobin and selectively destroys the visible vessels on the skin’s surface. These lasers are therefore ideal for treating redness and, depending on the parameters programmed, can even help improve the relief and color of scars in addition to restoring the skin’s suppleness.

Pigment lasers are best suited to target most types of spots. Considering that they tend to reappear with sun exposure, it is essential to perform regular maintenance and to use sunscreen during all seasons.

While ruby angiomas generally disappear in one session, it takes a few visits to even out the overall complexion, calm redness or reduce the appearance of targeted spots. For rosacea in particular, the treatment allows, beyond the beneficial thermal effect on the blood vessels, to reduce the frequency and intensity of flare-ups.

Despite the power of these technologies, they are non-invasive treatments which aren’t very painful, and their side effects are mainly limited to temporary swelling, increased redness and temporary darkening of spots.

vascular laser treatment

What can vascular laser treat?

The conditions mentioned above mainly affect the face and the small tip of the medical lasers allows access to the most delicate areas such as the bridge of the nose.

Who should avoid vascular laser treatments ?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should postpone this type of treatment, as should anyone who has been exposed to the sun in the months before and after each session. The use of tanning booths, self-tanning products and photo-sensitizing medication should be avoided.

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