10 Questions to ask yourself before booking Esthetics Services and Treatments

July 24, 2022

So, you’ve decided to make that first step into taking your skin health seriously. Great! We’re so excited to have you join the billions of people who enjoy esthetic services every year. With so many choices on where to go and what to have done, the biggest question we’re asked is what should I know before booking somewhere? We’ve got a short list of 10 questions to think about for just that.


Where are you looking for your esthetician?

Is this someone you know personally? A recommendation from a friend? Someone with an amazing social media presence? Someone that popped up on Google maps clinics near me? All of these can be good starting points. What kind of business do they have. Day spas are great for relaxing, nail salons are known for beautiful nail art, but for skin services and personalized care, consider a clinic or medical spa.

One of the many question you should ask yourself, it is about the authority of the esthetician you will take. Instagram is a quick place to show before and afters, a fully operational website lets you know a business is genuine. There should be information on all treatments and important guidelines.

Are they offering consultations? Coupon websites and deals can be very tempting, but where your health is the concern it’s ok to be more selective on where you spend your time (and money!) knowing the right treatments specifically for you is the best way to see the results you want.


Are they professionally trained and insured?

Most estheticians are proud of the hours invested in their own education, and are very happy to share their credentials and certifications. Having the right insurance to perform the treatments they offer is very important as well, and shows how seriously they take their profession.


Do they make you feel comfortable and listened to?

Having an esthetician is like having a therapist – for the skin – and you will be spending hours with your esthetician. If you don’t  feel comfortable expressing your skin concerns and goals with your esthetician, you probably won’t look forward to your appointments.


Are they recommending home-care?

For the best and fastest results, the in clinic treatments will jumpstart your treatment but what do you do when you leave the clinic? Home-care is your participation in your skin health and should cover everything from washing to protecting your skin 365 days a year. Medical skincare brands have the most research proving the ingredients and formulas work, giving you peace of mind with your investment.


 What technology are they using?

Are the lasers made by leading reputable manufacturers that have more  information available? Are the microneedling devices Health Canada approved? Just like certifications for estheticians, brands and companies should be proud to share that they are approved, and it won’t be hard to find on their websites.

Alongside all of the services that they offer; what is the technology used? Making a concrete investment upfront can avoid expensive repair work later on, think of it like home renovations. Rates can vary dramatically based on location, years of experience, cost of everything involved, and continuous education for your esthetician. The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true for skin services. Healthy skin can’t be taken for granted, and we want you to enjoy every minute of your treatments and results for years to come!

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