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November 8, 2021

We are committed to providing our students with quality formal education, providing them with the technical skills and knowledge required in specialized health and beauty sectors. For every participant, the health & beauty industry holds unlimited opportunities and provides a recession-proof career. You will achieve a competitive advantage in the job market over other candidates at the Natural Medical Aesthetic School in Ottawa by studying the most innovative techniques and skills under our certified and highly experienced trainers.

Along with our new equipment, our continuously changing curriculum is still up to date. With equal emphasis on theory and practice, our courses are organized, thereby preparing our students for work’s real-life demands upon graduation. Our alumni are known for working with minimal supervision and applying the principle they learned in the classroom to real workplace practice. For their high degree of professionalism and quality work, graduates are lauded and respected.

What is a medical aesthetician in Ottawa ?

The word ‘aesthetician’ has been used by many, but what is a medical aesthetician in Ottawa? A medical aesthetician has been capable of performing skincare medical procedures such as laser hair removal, dermal filler injections, rejuvenation of photo facial skin, and reduction of laser wrinkles, removal of tattoos, and other beauty treatments. The distinction between a medical esthetician and an esthetician is obvious; your usual spa staff or makeup professionals are estheticians who do facials, makeup, and over-the-counter type of skincare in general. In a six-week curriculum that includes classroom instruction and hands-on practices, medical aestheticians are certified by healthcare professionals in a medical aesthetics school in ottawa.

The process of becoming a medical aesthetician in Ottawa

It’s a fairly straightforward job to become a medical aesthetician in Ottawa. Medical estheticians’ course consists of a 7-week online course on medical aesthetics theory and two weeks of practicing in the clinic classroom. The four weeks on the medical aesthetics approach can be taken anywhere and without sacrificing your busy schedule. You will receive trainer lead presentations, recordings, and experience performing treatments such as micro-needling, chemical peels, hair transplants, body contouring, and everything you must have to complete your medical aesthetics course in record time. Rather than paying for everything at once, the School of Natural Medical Aesthetics in Ottawa also allows their students to pay off their classes in parts.

Who is considered a medical aesthetician in Ottawa ?

State-licensed skincare professionals who work in healthcare facilities are medical aestheticians. They offer skin care treatment and makeup advice to patients whose diseases, accidents, or operations have affected their appearance. Education will differ, but a state-approved cosmetology curriculum must be completed for all medical estheticians to learn about skin conditions and procedures. In all states, aestheticians must be licensed, which typically calls for a written test to be passed, and often a realistic one. In clinics, doctors’ offices, treatment centers, and other healthcare facilities, medical estheticians operate.

Under their guidance, plastic surgeons and dermatologists often hire medical estheticians to perform medical peels, exfoliation, and picture light facials. For patients who have just undergone surgery, they also apply prescription skincare items and treat wounds. These practitioners help patients in hospitals and clinics that have treatments and surgical procedures that affect the skin. To decrease the appearance of facial swelling, discoloration, and hair loss, they instruct wounded patients to use makeup. They teach trauma patients how sensitive skin can be washed and taken care of and how makeup can cover infected areas, such as burnt facial skin. Medical aestheticians also console patients and raise the self-esteem of long-term care recipients.

Our aesthetic school in Ottawa commitment to your success

The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics in Ottawa is dedicated to providing all students of all varieties with a comfortable and pleasant environment. We aspire to provide both our respected students and customers with the highest quality education and services. Our aims at the School of Natural Medical Aesthetic in Ottawa are to continuously extend, upgrade, and strengthen our educational program. Our curriculum and practical training are established to achieve and exceed current employers’ needs, make the learning process successful, productive, and functional, and help students build lifelong educational tools to meet the requirements of the ever-changing beauty industry. You will graduate from the Natural Medical Aesthetic School in Ottawa, prepared to excel, no matter what curriculum you select.

Why the school of natural medical aesthetics in Ottawa ?

Because your success is our success, your success in your profession is a result of our training. The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics in Ottawa is a first-rate medical aesthetics school that provides students throughout Canada with outstanding medical aesthetics education!

We are passionate and dedicated to developing a meaningful learning environment for our students with quality outcomes. To assist our students as they get ready for their future in the beauty industry, we have industry-leading instruments, equipment, and multimedia education. Our collaborations are strong with local spa treatments and salons that provide our graduates with mentoring and jobs.

Medical Aesthetic School in Ottawa

Our mission

We aim to enhance quality education, skills, and awareness of the real world that will contribute to beauty and health industry success!  At Natural Medical Aesthetic School in Ottawa, we aim to offer you innovative education and formal hands-on training that will provide you with the expertise, knowledge, and trust that will place you apart and above other candidates in the extremely competitive beauty and health industry.  With the aid of our modern facilities, trained teachers, real hands-on instruction, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and real-world exposure, we are dedicated to providing you with an exemplary education and assisting in your experience.

Dedicated instructors

Our highly trained and knowledgeable teachers come with years of experience in their field and outstanding expertise. The most modern methods of teaching are applied. Our teachers are committed to continued training as well. We teach your education in several ways to create concentration and ongoing interest. The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics in Ottawa teachers, along with expertise and understanding of the latest developments and new techniques, have many years of industry experience. Continuous appraisal of staff and teachers for their instructional methods allows for students’ optimal learning and learning experience.


Our faculty is highly engaging with participants, providing ample time for questions and answers, and utilizing a “hands-on” approach to help students learn during workshop sessions. The School of Natural Medical Aesthetics in Ottawa aims to teach practical techniques that can be carried out in medical clinics.

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