six (6) Benefits and Advantages for Nurses and Doctors to Bring Cosmetic Injections Into Their Practice

October 24, 2022

1-Increase in Income

It isn’t a secret that cosmetic injections and medical aesthetic procedures come at a
higher price tag. They often attract wealthier clientele and because these procedures
aren’t typically covered through insurance, they are paid for, on-scene by clients. CBC
News reported in a 2015 article that “doctors who work for themselves tend to make more money” . Medscape reported in an interview with a Nebraskan doctor that medical aesthetic services are a,
“powerful source of income. Gross revenues doubled in the second year and doubled
again in the beginning of the third year.” This doctor stated his, “income from 1.5 days of
his medical spa equals income from 3.5 days for his rheumatology clinic”
( Whether you’re looking to simply add these
procedures to your practice or move over to a solely medical aesthetic practice, offering
these services will undoubtedly increase your income.

2- Control Over Your Schedule

It is no shock that one common complaint nurses and doctors have about their role is
based around their schedules. The hours are gruelling, exhausting, and often the cause
of burnout. Adding medical aesthetics and cosmetic injections either into your practice
or making the switch to a practice solely based around these procedures allows for
freedom from the hospital schedules. You’re no longer on call and you aren’t working
long shifts unless you choose to do so. You have the convenience of creating hours based
around your own schedule and preferences, resulting in a much happier and healthier


3- Pleasant Work Environment

One of the benefits of running your own practice is having the ability to create a work
environment that’s both aesthetically pleasing and relaxed for your clients but also for
you and your staff to work in. Medscape’s 2017 Lifestyle Report polled over 14,000
medical professionals and found the leading causes of burnout were from dealing with
too many bureaucratic tasks, followed closely by spending too many hours at work. Just
behind those, the third highest reason for burnout was feeling like ‘just a cog in a wheel’’.

In creating your own work space you are able to to create a space free from the politics many medical professionals
are forced to deal with in a hospital setting. You’ll be working in a laid-back,
aesthetically pleasing space where it’s just you and your clients.


4- Rewarding

The situations you will deal with while providing medical aesthetics and cosmetic
injection services will never be life and death. One would assume that because these
clients are all purchasing elective procedures they would not be as grateful as patients
whose life you’ve saved. This is an incorrect assumption though. These clients are
beyond grateful for these services and to you as a medical professional for what you’ve
been able to provide them. This ultimately leads to a better quality of life for you as a
professional. A Texan doctor told ACP Internist he received “more thank-yous and more
positive patient feedback than (he) does from (his) internal medical practice. No one
ever thanks you for controlling their blood sugar or prescribing a cholesterol drug”
. Your job is rewarding, your clients are extremely thankful, and often your biggest stress is trying to stop clients from leaving
too large of a tip for the services they received.


5- Access to Top of the Line Aesthetics

It seems to be a little known fact or merely an overlooked advantage that while working
within the field of cosmetic injections and medical aesthetics, medical professionals will
have personal access to aesthetic procedures and top-of-the-line skin care products.
These products are often available for free or at a heavily discounted price. This is just
another added benefit to offering these services within your practice. The beauty that brings that kind of training in the aesthetics field is endless. For an example, cosmetics injections have several different uses, Tatoo removal is used for many reasons and so-and-so. A nurse or a health professional that has aesthetician training can better decide on his life quality.


6. Enrol in School and Courses Through Canadian Medical Aesthetics

Botox, filler, and theory courses are all offered through our schooling options. You’ll
have the opportunity to work with and learn from experienced professionals. We strive
to create a hands-on experience with all of our students and work in small groups to
ensure one-on-one time with our students. We remain as a source of guidance and
permanent resource for all of our students throughout their careers in this field. The
investment in these courses is minimal compared to what you’ll receive in future income
as well as in support from our educators. Our past graduates have all expressed their
regret at putting these courses off as it has always been well worth the investment in
their careers.

There is undoubtedly a demand for these products and procedures and it is ever-
growing. According to research performed by the Medical Aesthetics Market Product,
“the global market is projected to reach USD 17.07 billion by 2023 from USD 10.30
billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 10.6%”. This industry continues to gain popularity and
momentum and shows evidence this will only continue to increase with time. If these
services are something you have been considering adding to your practice, don’t
hesitate, enrol in our courses today and see the benefits for yourself.

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